A downloadable game for Windows


  • Two screens
  • 5 controllers

Basic play:

  • The 1% and the 99% play on different screens. The 1%er gets a screen to themselves (and can see the whole world), the 99%ers play in splitscreen mode on the other screen (and can only see a tiny piece of the world).
  • The 1% should aim to stay alive as long as possible.
  • The 99% should try and overthrow the 1% -- at which point they will become the 1%.

Playing as the 1%:

  • Move legs: left and right sticks combined with left and right triggers (e.g. push both sticks left and alternative pressing triggers)
  • Jump: X (on PS controllers). Throws 99%ers off. Has a five second cooldown
  • Move arms: left and right sticks combined with left and right bumpers (L1 and R1 on PS controllers)
  • Collect powerups: put all your limbs inside the circles

Playing as the 99%:

  • Move tiny men: left stick (they will obey you mostly)
  • Bunch up: hold X (on PS controllers)
  • Kill offscreen tiny men: hold triangle (on PS controllers)
  • Jump attack on 1%: hold O (on PS controllers) while near the 1%
  • Collect powerups: put tiny men inside each of the circles (all 1% can cooperate)


UtopiaJamBuild.zip 15 MB

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