A downloadable game for Windows

QUIET|NOISE is functionally a four person multi-player, twin stick shooter that explores the theme of VOICES through allowing individual players to use their own voice to make a contribution to a common goal.

The game is based on the philosophy that "part of the responsibility of having a voice is knowing when to be silent". To this end, each player has an individual and distinct voice-activated shooting style, some more suited to a particular enemy than others. The game encourages the players to understand how deploying their shooting style (or 'voice') effectively assists in overcoming a common enemy, but also how inappropriate use of their shooting style (or 'voice') can cause the situation to get worse and the enemy to become stronger.

The goal is to work with the other players to effectively develop a collaborative shooting strategy that best overcomes the enemy.

As the ambigram in out title screen suggests, noise and quiet are two sides of the same coin, but each can have very different impacts on a situation.

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Requires four players with four controllers (only PS4 controllers tested during the Jam, results may very with other ones).


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QuietNoise.zip 20 MB